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TGN Squadron

TGN Squadron

TGN Squadron

TGN Squadron is channel is a collaborative gaming channel that brings together your favorite Youtube Stars and Twitch Streamers. We play Heroes of the Storm and many other multiplayer games with the core theme being fun multiplayer experiences. Enjoy entertaining commentary, Livestream chat interaction and an all around fun gaming atmosphere!

New content 7 days a week! Livestreams Monday through Friday and Funny Moment Stream Highlight videos on the weekends! Subscribe and hit the bell Icon so you never miss a video!

● Join our growing DISCORD Community! There you will find;
– Our Weekly Livestream SCHEDULE!
– Get Squadron Announcement Notifications for Streams and more!
– Text channels to discuss the games that we play!
– Heroes LFG text and voice channels to find people to play with!
– Exclusive text channel for Sponsors to view our weekend videos 24hrs early!



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