Are Spiders Harmful And Poisonous?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

Are Spiders Harmful And Poisonous?

The Ability to spin webs gives spiders a special place amongst animals. Its silk, used for many different purposes, is produced in the form of liquid. Manufactured in some of the abdominal glands, it comes out through many tiny holes from the spinning organs at the tip of its abdomen.

Spider silk is strong and elastic. The finest single fibre is about one – millionth of an inch in diameter! Different types of spiders make many different types of webs, which are more or less characteristic of spider families: sheet webs, funnel webs, tube webs, reticular webs, etc. These webs are traps to catch and hold insects which are the food for spiders.

The poison glands in spiders are controlled by them and are used in- some special ways. Those who use their web to catch them pray do not use this poison, but those who catch insects by grasping them with their fangs, kill their prey with poison.

Very few spiders are dangerously poisonous to man. Majority of them are no more dangerous than wasps or hornets. A few species of spiders, however, produce poisons that can cause severe pain and illness. The black widow spider of America, the tarantulas and banana spiders are notorious, but death due to their bite is very rare. All spiders use their poison in self defence. Only when they are trapped and feel that escape is impossible they use their poison.

The life span of spiders is usually short. The wolf spider of northern America may live several years, but the spiders of the temperate zone usually live only one year.

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