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To engage the natural potential of an individual through Design Education & Empower them to Evolve, through the spirit for wholistic Co-creation, enabled by positive thought & action.


Be an internationally acknowledged design institution, nurturing individuals to develop as innovative professionals and entrepreneurs with requisite skills and social sensitivity.

Enroll students of pluralistic identities & cultural contexts, and provide them with a learning experience, that inspires and prepares them to be leaders, characterised by creative thinking, innovation and the ability to transform the future.

Build on an impeccable foundation of research & learning based on a wide spectrum of disciplines, to develop and disseminate knowledge & skills as per the emerging needs of society.

Develop collaborations with advanced educational foreign institutions in public and private organisations in order to enhance and maintain globally established benchmarks in the quality and standard of education imparted.

Channelize the creative energies of the rising young population of the country into viable development streams, enabling contribution from them as trained professionals with a usable range of skill sets suited for the industry.

To revive and renew time-honoured indigenous skills & craft knowledge and practices and bring beneficial developments and changes to rural livelihood through thought and action.

Enable endeavours towards establishing a ‘self-definition for women’ by encouraging, empowering and educating women to become professionals & entrepreneurs, helping them to create their own business or social enterprise.

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