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“Green Mountain College prepares students for fulfilling lives by taking the goal of creating just and sustainable societies as the unifying theme for its interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate liberal arts education. The College fosters the ideals of environmental and personal responsibility, civic engagement, entrepreneurial spirit, and global understanding.”

Green Mountian College

Green Mountian College

To understand who we are — a community working to bring positive change to the world — it helps to know who we once were, how we began, where this tree grew roots.

And that place is Vermont – home to a fierce streak of independence, respect for difference, and connection to the natural, intellectual, and spiritual world. Dig under the soil, and you discover our roots intertwined with the stories of those who made their mark on history. Like Horace Greeley, who founded the New York Herald Tribune, and who learned the printing trade at a newspaper in East Poultney. The tavern where he lived, the school where he gave his first speech — they still stand here today. As a national reformer, freethinker, and activist, his legacy dovetails with the can-do spirit of our school, and of Vermont.

Or John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, whose forward-thinking belief in accessible education and women’s empowerment echoes our mission of global responsibility and public service. With historical ties to the United Methodist Church, Green Mountain College continues to promote respect for lifelong learning, human spirituality, gender equality, and our planet.

We teach students that history is made by those who lead, like the settlers of Poultney who built one of Vermont’s first libraries. So we transform this inspiration into action, to become the first EPA Energy Star campus in the nation, and first to reach climate neutrality through clean energy, efficiency, and carbon offsets. Because this is our history, our roots, your future.

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