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1 Workout a Day

1 Workout a Day

1 Workout a Day

Welcome to 1 WORKOUT A DAY, a free fitness workout channel!

I’m June, 33 years old from Korea. Here to share my home workouts with you so you can do the exact same exercises I did to get in shape and loose weight. I’ve lost 26 pounds in 1 year training consistently, doing 1 WORKOUT A DAY… if I could do it, you can too! I really want to make people train, because it has changed my life to the better.

If you have little time to spend on training go for my 10 – 15 min workouts. And on days where you have more free time go for my 20 – 60 min workouts. But be consistent and move your body every day to keep it healthy and activated.

Much Love and Best Wishes

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