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Pulihora News

Pulihora News

Pulihora News


Pulihora News Channel is one of the best infotainment YouTube and online channel that share the valuable, funny, interesting, entertaining, though provoking and useful content for the Telugu fraternity spread across the globe.

Regular and #special articles, #News, Views, #Reviews, #Gossips, Photos, Videos etc., related to the fields cinema , #Politics, #Sports, #Technology, #Health, #Beauty, economy, personality development etc., will be posted in Pulihora News Channel.

Most of the content will be published with voice over – images or video or animation character – voice – images or anchor based or any other suitable format.

Pulihora News channel has started to create a platform for the talented youth to learn and earn in this dazzling digital media by sharing the news and information of various interesting segments for the Telugu People who spread all over the world.

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