Best text messaging app “BBM” for android phones

BBM – Free Calls & Messages

BBM - Free Calls & Messages

BBM – Free Calls & Messages

Search for the new BBM and submit it to everything! We started with the best messaging features on the planet, offering privacy features to keep you in control, so that you got free voice and video calling, and now we’ve added thousands of stickers, free games, news, shopping, vouchers and more. is. Millions of people around the world have discovered how BBM has changed – it’s your turn!

Free messaging and calls
– Free voice and video calls between BM contacts
-1-On-1 message, private chat and group chat
See via the link feature of your desktop:
To express your every mood, select yourself your own sticker with a thousand stickers or with BBMOji
Turn chat background into your favorite image
– Easily tell friends on BBM through your phone number
Broadcast the message to all your contacts
Send voice notes, photos, videos and all types of documents
– Delivered your message ee when. Are r’ead
-When typing a contact response

Search BBM
Next development for sending messages: Here you will find localized content and services for everyday use
Put thousands of stickers for both static and animated stickers
-Breaking News
Hundreds of free games
-Complete your favorite Football League match and score
Tell BBM Channels who are interested in you and receive their posts in your feed
-Create your own channel and make your customers share their thoughts, thoughts and passions.

Privacy features that keep you in control
-BBM PIN – Keep your phone number private – Customize your PIN and share it with friends
-Block contact – You always have the ability to stop someone from sending or inviting messages.
-Timer – Send photos and messages that disappear
-Retract – Retract the photo or message you want you did not send *
-Glympse – Share your location with a deadline
-Party Chats – Screenshots and Pricing Safe with Eyes

Feeds – Your Personal Social Network
Set up your high quality avatar using your favorite pictures
Use your status to tell people what you are doing or how you feel, text, image, video
-Like, share and comment to chat with your friends
Post photos to see all your friends
Tell BBM Channels who are interested in you and see posts from those channels in your feed

For more information about BBM, please visit our official website:

Note: Data charges may apply.
* While these features are designed to remove the BBM view of the message or recipient, they do not prevent recipients from capturing the image of the content by taking a screenshot or using the image capture device. Withdrawing a message after the recipient reads will remove the message from the BBM chat view, but will not affect the copies of the message that was done before the message was returned by the recipient.

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