Best text messaging app “Messaging” for android phones

Messaging+ SMS, MMS Free

This is a classic style messaging app. Cool UI It is very simple to use; This is a free version for most of the user, if you want to change more customization options and customize, you should do it by pro version.




– Cool classic style UI.
– Support the latest KitKat Android 4.4
– Support all emoji, send and receive emoji with a friend, only 1 page in the free edition
– Support custom your own font
– Beautiful popup message dialog, more pages support popup dialogs.
– Internal snapshot support.
– Easily manage all SMS messages.
– Group messaging support.
– LED LED support.
– Supports custom notification icon in pro version.
– Support custom bubble color in pro version.
– Custom ringtones in pro version

Important Articles:

Notification problem:

– If you are not getting information when you receive a new message, you can see: Have you installed the other third SMS app? You should first uninstall the third sms app.

Emoji problem:

– Press Menu and select “Insert Smile” or press the Attach button.
– When the emoji message on the network carrier will be blocked by the network carrier, please try to send an MMS type message to your friend to send an emoji message, if your friend can not see your emoji. pls try sending MMS emoji messages.

Message issue order:

– If you do not need to see duplicate notifications, please try to enable “Settings – Received Settings – Block SMS Notification”, perhaps it will cause two duplicate messages on some devices.

– If your message is out of order, then try selecting “Block SMS Notification” option in Settings.

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