Best text messaging app “mysms” for android phones

mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

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mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

SMS and call right sync on your PC or tablet with your Android phone.

● Call notifications on your computer – when you receive calls on your phone
● The only remote texting app with the original app for android tablet, windows 7 / xp, windows 8 desktop and tablet and chrome
● Full call log history from your PC and tablet
● MMS group chat
● Multimedia messaging (picture messages and files)

To connect your computer or tablet to your Android phone, download this app to your phone and register for the account. When you start texting from your computer at or you use one of our native apps, you will be synchronized to all your existing SMS messages and contacts from your Android to your computer / tablet. . When you send text from your computer, there is no extra charge from your carrier

how to get started:
1) Install this mysms app on your Android phone
2) Start texting on your computer at or download one of our country desktops and tablet apps at

mysms will enable you to manage your Android and SMS notifications on your computer and tablet. You have the option to use mysms as your default SMS app on your Android phone, which offers you great customization options, expandable information and many more features that can not beat your preinstalled stock SMS app.

When you are in the office, leave your phone in your pocket and send and receive text messages using your full computer keyboard. During meetings, you can use mysms as your personal assistant if you want to upgrade with your message:
● Restore SMS for backup SMS and a new smartphone, or after a reset
● Sync messages and calls within your business phone (-> mysms download mirror)
● Dial, dismiss, or mute calls on your tablet and computer (note that you still need to talk to your phone)
● Send SMS and MMS messages to your evergreen, dropbox or Google Drive or email account
● Full SMS export

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