Can You Differentiate Hardwoods From Softwoods?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

Can You Differentiate Hardwoods From Softwoods?

In practical life, trees and woods have been categorised and classified into two significant classes, one class of trees and lumber is commonly named as ‘Softwoods’, and the other one is known as `Hardwoods’. The basic difference between the two happens to be the hardness or softness of texture. You must be knowing that a harder wood does not get scratches so easily and the condition of harderwood does not deteriorate further during the course of wear and tear and it is put to use in ordinary course of business.

Amongst the most popular softwoods of North America are the cedar, Douglas fir, Western larch, – northern white pine, true for homlock, southern Cypress, ponderosa- pine, sugar pine, southern pine, western white pine, redwood and spruce. In addition to this, softwoods are also classified in terms of being evergreens, needle-leaved trees or cone-bearing trees.

It is one of the qualities of hardwood trees that they generally have broad leaves and have the tendency to shed them in the autumn or in the spring as that of oaks. some of the most popular hardwoods of North America are ash, basswood, birch, aspen, beech, elm, hickory, cottonwood, gum, maple, black walnut, oak and yellow poplar.

`Softwoods’ and Hardwoods’ are generally used as names for a class of woods or trees. It is observed that some of the softwoods are really hard and on the other hand some of the hardwoods are comparatively soft as far as its texture it concerned.

The “basic wood substance” of which the cell walls of all woods are made weighs about the same in respect of all woods. Since the cells have cavities of different sizes, a greater or smaller portion in respect of wooden block is taken up by these cavities. As far as the size and proportions of the openings and walls of the wood cells are concerned, it vary to a large extent. Hence it is for this reason, the weight varies amongst woods. In fact, the weight of oak is more than double the weight as compared to basswood. Hence, weight is the determining factor to test the strength of a particular quality of wood. To conclude, we can safely say that the greater the weight of the wood the stronger is the wood beyond any doubt.

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