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A Circus

The Circus had come to town! It was all over the place, in posters, in newspapers, everywhere. The Russian circus was in town. The whole city seemed so excited about it, and so was I. I have always loved to go to circuses ever since I was a small child. I was three when I first went to a circus.

But everything is of course, now, very different. The circus was performing today. The spacious and grassy expanse had welcomed the big tent circuses every year. Many a times, the performers belonged to different countries. This year it was the Russian troupe. As we entered the main entrance to the circus, it first took us to a big tent where one could walk cage to cage and from pen to corral viewing all different kinds of animals. I saw a gorilla here. The elephants were in large numbers and it was not unusual to find a giraffe, a rhino, and a hippo on display along with the polar bears.

Walking ourselves through the menagerie, we found ourselves in a big mammoth canvas tent, almost as long as a football field and seating several thousands. Here the actual performance took place, and as always it was brilliant and fascinating. The trapeze artists took away the show. The antics of the colourful and jolly clowns were very humorous. They made us laugh till our bellies hurt. The animals were next, the elephants, the tigers, the lions and not to forget the artistes on top of the horses displaying their agility and speed on mounting and dismounting the horses while they galloped.

The acts had been dangerous and it was very brave of the trainers and performers to entertain us. Time just flew by. The show came to an end. We all went back home happy.

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