English Essay on “A Jugglers Show” for School-College Students 300 Words Essay, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board

A Jugglers Show

Have you ever tried your hands at juggling? My uncle had once promised to take me to a jugglers show. Actually, he took me to the Circus but promised me that there were special jugglers.

I could feel the excitement as I walked into the large circus tent. A few minutes after we were seated the music blared to welcome the ringmaster. In time, we saw the trapeze artists performing dangerous feats, girls skimpily clad in bright costumes carried out stunts that petrified me. The clowns made their appearances to ease the tension. This was followed by the impressive lions. Then, cute elephants played ball. I liked it all but was getting impatient to see the jugglers. Then, the music changed and in came the Magician with three clowns in tow — one, a dwarf, the other of average height and the third on stilts. The magician kept us enthralled with his skill. He then whispered something to the clowns and raised his wand pointing it at the clowns. At once, they started juggling- the dwarf with three eggs, the second with five tomatoes and the tall one with many eggs and tomatoes! They juggled for a long time, pretending to drop it or fall but never once did they go out of control. Then, the magician showed mock jealousy and mumbled a few magic words. The dwarf almost immediately wobbled and dropped the eggs on himself. The other two followed suit though the last one managed to drop the eggs on the magician. It was hilarious.

The grand finale was by the motorcyclists. They gave an awesome display of their skills just as everyone before them. My heart went out to the jugglers though, for they were really funny.

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