English Essay on “A Sunset at The Beach” for School-College Students 300 Words Essay, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board

A Sunset at The Beach

Some of the most glorious sights that the Nature brings before us, day after day, are its Sunrises and Sunsets. A Sunset on the beach is beautiful beyond imagination. The atmosphere that makes a beach so special, adds to the view of this breathtaking scene.

The Sunset I witnessed for three days in a row at Bogmalo beach, Goa were by far the best because I was at leisure to watch it. We used to reach the beach shortly before sunset and pass by the bright little shops which somehow made the perfect entrance to the beach. These shops added colour and mirth to the surroundings. Few steps below, the beach was studded with shacks which began gearing up for the business that lay ahead, considering that an enormous number of tourists would remain there snacking and drinking till late hours. John’s shack was my personal favorite. It was on elevated ground and while one portion was roofed, the other was under the moonlit sky. This elevated portion was an added advantage because we had the perfect view of the sea. The Sunset would begin gradually, painting the sky in different shades of orange and purple and the lighthouse signals would slowly gain prominence in the darkening sky. An occasional aeroplane could be sighted in the sky. At the horizon, ships would appear and closer to us, the lifeguards would begin moving people away from the waters. The sea breeze would pick up making it pleasant and sometimes chilly. Before we realize, the Sun is gone and the waves can only be heard.

There is a different feeling when the Sun sets- there is a certain calm that envelopes us, that the day is over sand we can relax; on a beach it is heavenly!

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