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Adventure Holidays

If you are looking for a bit of excitement in your lire it could be time to consider an adventure holiday, growth of adventure travel has been accompanied by an enormous variety and availability of adventure travel products in international and domestic tourism. Adventure travel is being promoted by many regions such as South-East Asian Nations as well as India, where adventure tourism flourishes because of the less-developed, natural environments. Tourism is expected to generate substantial impact on limited domestic economic bases in these regions. Apart from traditional long-haul destinations such as Kenya or Burma, most operators have included more Indian destinations like the deserts of West India, the forests of north-east India, the rivers in the gangetic plains and other places in their new adventure itineraries.

Adventure travel appears to have developed from the traditional outdoor and wilderness recreation programs of the yesteryears. Unlike other forms of recreation, adventure travel offers a unique opportunity in which participants become more experienced and pursue purely adventurous activities. In adventure travel, it is the “activity” and “setting” that attracts travelers as participants. Adventure travel activities range from hiking, w mountaineering to white water rafting, jungle exploring, mountain rappelling, sky diving, wilderness survival training, snorkeling, and diving and so on. The key ingredient of adventure travel is an amount of risk associated with the performance of these activities.

Activities, experience, and environment are the most important components that should be used to define adventure travel. The concept of travel is changing along with the needs of the people, the growth of adventure travel not only has implications for the way in which travel is perceived, but also in the way in which it will develop in the future.

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