English Essay on “Indian Ethos” for School-College Students 300 Words Essay, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board

Indian Ethos

Indian ethos has intrigued people all over the world. One of the oldest civilizations with its unique and diverse culture, it has always held a certain amount of mystery and mysticism about itself. Beginning with the Indus Valley Civilization until the present day India, the journey has been long, trying and rewarding!

Various rulers from the Persian region and the Mongol region have come, ruled and left our country at once robbing it of its riches and enriching its culture, architecture and way of life. The British rule further plundered but gave us a unified India and perhaps, a more educated and developed one. The one thing that stands out is that despite the various rules, India has not lost its basic essence- its values, its beliefs, its literature, its languages and its culture remain untouched. While the oldest religion of Hinduism flourishes here, it is home to many other religions and respects all. Its ancient scriptures are much in demand today, the world over. Texts written in Sanskrit have been widely translated. Greats like Valmiki, Kabir, Rabindranath Tagore are a few who have enriched our culture. Our historical monuments are so varied in different parts of the country, standing out as beautiful proofs to the different eras that lived here. Our beliefs and values stand unmatched. Our sense of family and respect for elders is very unique and despite the modern outlook, these values remain. Terrible systems have also prevailed like the dowry system which the Government is battling. We also have a world of superstitions but then, we have remedies for everything as well.

Mathematics, Literature, Medicine including Ayurveda, Yoga and advanced agriculture have their origins in our country as well. Indian ethos is timeless and ethereal.

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