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Life Made Easy

Life today has become easier to live compared to what it was a couple of generations or even a few centuries ago. This ease is directly attributed to the advancement in machinery, medicines and other equipment. The advancement in the industrial sector, the birth of new age technology and the new wave in the automobile industry all have contributed towards making life a lot easier for the average human being – But this is the material aspect of how life has to live’ been or can be made easy.

On the philosophical level, Life has always been easy. By being better time managers, by being happy and content and by living a life free of hatred and grudges, life is easy or can be made easy. Advancement in technology, resulting in improved means of communication, of travel and transportation and health care has made life much easier compared to what it was, even a few decades back.

Let us just have a glimpse of how “difficult” life was a few decades ago. There was no microwave, so if you wanted to heat up food, you had to use a stove. There was just one channel on the TV, so the choices about what a person wanted to watch was limited. There was certainly no internet for the masses. So if you wanted to know something, you had to do it the old fashioned way, by reading a book.

But the flip side to all this advancement at the material level is increase in stress levels. The level of stress is much higher today than a decade ago, due to intense competition, and the challenges ahead. People today are more demanding and ambitious and are less focused on the spiritual side of life. The conclusion is that while technological advancement has indeed made our life easy on the surface, at the spiritual level, the quality of life is declining.

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