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Live in Relationships

India is a country of strong moral and cultural values that holds close to its heart many traditional ideas. But the world is shrinking today and India, along with the rest of the world is opening its doors to change- Amongst the many changes that modernization has brought forth, one of them is “live in relationships”, wherein a couple cohabits without the sanction of marriage. The number of people who are living in together has risen dramatically over the last decade. This idea of living in together is more appealing than to face the responsibilities and society’s expectations that a marriage entails.

While some couples find it very easy, there have been cases where it has proven very difficult for the couples who live together, they have been harassed, excommunicated and ridiculed. But today, the legal system of India is trying to bring forth laws that will accord a legal status to a live-in partner. Thus they can share the benefits, policies and other legal protections that their married counterparts enjoy.

Many couples, in love, live together so that they may spend more time with each other and also to find out whether the relationship can withstand a lifetime commitment of a marriage. Some couples who are engaged to be married soon, also move in together to avoid paying rent in two places and to help solve other financial and practical problems.

Whatever the reason for living together, a relationship works only if there is commitment from both the parties. Confusion and frustration will weaken any relation where the partners are not prepared to compromise or adjust. The partners who enter into a live in relationship must be brave enough to deal with the societal backlash that is bound to happen in a country like India.

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