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My Baby Brother

My Brother! I can’t live with him I can’t live without him. I have a brother, who is the most magnificent person in the entire world. I thank God every day for giving me this incredibly, special relationship. I can still remember the day he was born. All that I could think about was how this was going to change everything. I thought that my mother’s attention would be occupied completely by the baby. She would not have any time to spend with me. I was not happy. I resented her having another baby.

Finally the day arrived when my father took me to the hospital to see ‘the baby’. I was nervous and did not know how to react. As soon as I saw him I fell in love. His little body was so delicate and helpless, and his small hands could barely hold on to my fingers. His round eyes were so innocent I pledged that I would protect him always. He had a sweet little button nose and soft pure skin. He was so perfect, it was like a dream. I no longer hated him or the idea of my mom having him. There was no way things could get worse when the little baby I was holding, my baby brother. was so perfect.

Today, I have a brother, a companion, and a shoulder to cry on. I cannot think of a life without him. He has made me grow in so many different ways, he has uplifted my confidence and self-esteem, always telling me what looks and sounds good. I would have to say the most important experience from our relationship is true love.

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