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My Career Aspirations

A few years ago while my pet was severely injured, I noticed the hard but fulfilling work of a veterinarian who until then was just my pet’s doctor. It was then that I decided that in future I too would become a veterinarian. There are certain qualities, personal strengths and skills that will help me achieve my career aspiration. Knowing what those skills and qualities are will give me a head start to maximize my strengths and work on my weaknesses.

One skill that I count as being my strength is that I take great satisfaction from learning new things. The desire to learn and continuously improve helps in whatever job I do. Another great strength that I count upon is my value system which helps me work hard to achieve my personal standard, which will in turn help me in my chosen career path. Everyone has to analyse their weaknesses along with their strengths and in my case the weakness that could potentially inhibit me is impatience. The reason for my impatience is derived from unrealistic expectations. Whether the unrealistic expectation is of family, the workplace or life in general, it occasionally leads to disappointment or irrational decisions. I need to develop my strengths and work on my weakness to move forward towards achieving my goal.

My voluntary service experience at the local pet hospital coupled with my short term goal of being an assistant for a veterinarian will build the foundation needed to reach my long-term career goal of working in a veterinary hospital with an option to do research. A Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science from the University will ultimately give me the tools I need to succeed. With both my perseverance and awareness of the obstacles that lie before me, I hope to fulfill my career aspiration of becoming a veterinarian.

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