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My Most Influential Fictional Character

Of all the characters that I have met through books and television, one stands out amongst the rest, Atticus Finch, the hero of Harper Lee’s famous book “To Kill a Mocking Bird”. The reason why Atticus Finch is my most favourite main character in the novel to kill a Mocking bird is because he is kind and understanding. Atticus Finch expresses everything that a person should strive to be. He is a man of great strength and courage. He is a teacher, a protector, and a friend and takes on these responsibilities without hesitation.

This character influences me on many levels, from teaching me to take responsibility for my actions to not backing down when injustice is being done. Throughout the book, Atticus exemplifies the art of proper living. He taught me that it takes a brave man to stand up to someone, but it takes a braver man to do it as Atticus did, without anger or violence and this is the most influential message that I have tried to assimilate in my life. Atticus’s interaction with his children showed me how a person can tackle even the most absurd situations in a calm manner. He taught me acceptance. The whole story revolves around racism and how Atticus, being a White, defends a Black man. Atticus’ most important role in the book remains the notion of acceptance in all forms and that is another aspect that has influenced my views on racism.

The way the author has shaped the character of Atticus Finch, making him the one who acts as the people’s conscience, helping them to develop their own. Atticus possesses traits like being principled, determined, brave, and kind and, more importantly, he taught me how to be like him.

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