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Real Beauty

Everyone in this world longs for beauty in his or her life. Many people the world over spend large portions of their incomes seeking to add some measure of beauty into their lives. Who has not stood transfixed by the glory of a particularly spectacular sunset or some other stunning natural vision?

Why does time seem to stop when we stare into the face of a newborn child?

Why do the faces of certain people and particular works of art cause the deepest kind of stirrings in our hearts?

All of these questions are related to our attraction to and longing for beauty in our lives.

Yet, how many of us take the time and the energy necessary to truly investigate and discover what real beauty is?

If you ask any person about his or her definition of real beauty, you are likely to get an answer that combines a lot of physical aspects of symmetry, colour, texture etc. while these physical aspects certainly contribute to the understanding of beauty, do these define “beauty”? In other words, recollect all the experiences that you have had in your life, are the physical aspects the ones which moved your heart, tugged at your feelings and caused a smile to come on your face?

Real beauty as you realize has very little to do with any of the physical aspects that life has to offer. In fact, is has very little to do with anything other than

19 our heart. The more we are able to look deep in to our heart, the more we will be able to look outside at the world with wonder and the more we will find moments that are beautiful. Real beauty is a part of life and it fills every moment and aspect of living.

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