English Essay on Reduction in Face To Face Contacts for School, College Students 300 Words Essay, English Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board

Reduction in Face To Face Contacts

Technology has played a key role in shaping society and human interactions since the dawn of civilization. Technologies have precipitated major changes in the way society is structured and how individuals interact. The modern technology revolution, however, is arguably the most far-reaching. We now have a virtual communications network in a global society and this virtual network allows us to transcend space and time with our interactions without ever having to come face to face with the other person.

Technology has provided significant social benefits. cell phones enable us to “reach out and touch someone” at any moment, regardless of where we are. Email and text messaging make it easy to communicate with others and to stay in contact. Social networking services provide a means for friends and family to stay connected regardless of how far apart they’re located. But despite the fact that we’re more connected than ever, we’re becoming more isolated. Technology is not the only contributor to this trend, but the tools which make communication so easy encourage and promote communication in a remote and impersonal manner.

But nothing can replace real-life interactions. There’s nothing like spending time with a close and loved person. Discussing what you did last week or engaging in a philosophical discussion about the meaning of life, seeing a smile or hearing a laugh. Whether it’s meeting up with an old friend for lunch or getting to know somebody better over hot coffee, the richness and enjoyment of interacting with another human being can never be fully realized through technological means. Technology should help build the society and not alienate the society.

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