English Essay on Should The Government Send People into Space? for School, College Students 300 Words Essay, English Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board

Should The Government Send People into Space?

Vedic materials and historical data suggest that a sharp division between earth and sky did not exist in the ancient world. Instead, there was one cosmos. Space exploration reveals that while the divine link between the heavens and the earth has not been proven, it is true that what happens up there can affect what happens down here. It would be useful to know about the cosmos, and be prepared for all the eventualities.

Space is the final frontier of science and technology and by trying to explore this final frontier we are trying to grow as a planet ecologically and economically. Manned space exploration does not stop at adventure, though. Many discoveries that apply directly to mankind today were only made possible by space exploration. Many protein and hormone crystal formations, which teach us much about how our bodies work, are only possible in micro-gravity environments that are possible only in space. We have learned about the human body in space through experiments conducted on board space shuttles, where physical disabilities of aging, bone and muscle deterioration occur quickly, promise to benefit every human on Earth. We can’t learn more without having real people out in space for long periods.

The true help that space programs have achieved by sending people in to space, has been to inspire the thousands of students to become engineers, scientists, and technicians and to stay in school and achieve. These are the future high-tech achievers that will drive our technology based economy. The challenge of space will continue to inspire and drive the next generation. Meeting these challenges will force our youth to stretch our technology, prove our talent, advance our science, and, as with every frontier, evolve newer and better ways of living together.

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