English Essay on “Social Etiquettes” for School-College Students 300 Words Essay, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board

Social Etiquettes

A very important lesson for budding young ladies and gentlemen, social etiquettes are rules of polite or correct behavior in a society. Social graces are very becoming and appreciated by one and all. Every culture has its own norms that are laid out, which perhaps is unique to them. The Japanese for example are stringent about their etiquette and have a long list. However, there is basic etiquette that is universal and must be known and adhered to.

Social etiquette is a big word which encompasses so much ranging from greeting to shaking hands, from restaurant etiquette to office etiquette, family etiquette to dinner etiquette and even etiquette for cocktails and replying to invitations. It is however, imperative to know some basics which include greeting and its acknowledgement, table manners, courtesies in interaction, usage of good and polite language, dress codes and so forth. Etiquette always keeps you in good stead. Saying a “Yes, please” Or a “No Thank You” sounds good to the person you are in conversation with. It is worth the effort to say it right, if it puts a smile on the listener’s lips. The modern day “No sorry, No thank you in friendship” is an absolute blunder. Niceties make the environment amiable. If thanking a person for dinner and praising their hospitality is considered pretentious or formal, then what is correct? If your praises are heartfelt, it will come across. In any case, you are making someone happy.

Brashness is never cool. It puts people off. There is no charm in rudeness but a little finesse can take you places. “Mind your P’s and Q’s” is often told to us and not without reason. Etiquette gives you an edge in any sphere of life.

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