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Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual evolution is about growth of a being, the bright and ever growing part of your consciousness. What makes us human? Is it the ability to walk on two feet and think? Is it the complexity of our emotions? Who are we really? Even when we talk of the soul, what are we talking about? Spiritual evolution is defined as the philosophical, theological, or spiritual idea that nature and human beings evolve along a predetermined pattern or in accordance with certain pre-determined potentials.

There are many theories about spiritual evolution. They may be cosmological which describes the existence at large, personal which talks about the development of the self, they can be dual which talks about the difference and the distinction between the self and the supreme or nondual holding that there is no ultimate distinction between the self and the supreme.

An early example of the doctrine of spiritual evolution is found in Samkhya, a teaching that goes back more than two and a half thousand years. Unlike classical Hinduism, the traditional Samkhyan philosophy is atheistic and dualistic. Sri Aurobindo and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin both describe spiritual evolution as a progression from inanimate matter to a future state of Divine consciousness. Teilhard de Chardin refers to this as the Omega Point, and Sri Aurobindo as the Supermind. There have been many more theories and spiritualists who talk about the journey of the inner self towards the supreme consciousness which brings about the spiritual evolution.

Indian Spirituality occupies a distinct place in the evolution of spirituality and has its distinctive part to play in the history of spiritual evolution. Spirituality in India has existed as a part of our daily life from the beginning of time. In India, spirituality is all about showing respect to all living beings and leading a positive and healthy life and essentially, being in harmony with the entire cosmos. It is believed that the supreme Creator has put each one of us in this world for a purpose and that purpose is to be compassionate, caring and loving to one another. All great Indian spiritual personalities from Swami Vivekananda and Shri Ramana Maharishi and many more have played an important role in spreading the message of love, care and the need for positive living all over the world.

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