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The Paparazzi

Every fan of entertainment in the Bollywood knows that celebrities, whatever their occupation, are simply in the lime light of the public. Everyone always enjoys seeing their favorite actor, actress, singer and so on. We, the public, spend literally thousands of rupees each year in buying magazines, photos, and anything that is on sale that will tell us more about our favourite celebrity’s lifestyle, scandal, or just gossip. The paparazzi feed that need, whether it is a video or photo. It is obvious, from the repeated stories that the paparazzi push and push for that video or photo. There are those celebrities that embrace these issues or simply tolerate it and there are those who completely loath being followed by the paparazzi. Are the paparazzi friend or foe? The best answer is, both. Whether people believe it or not, the paparazzi are nothing more than news media, they just push more, a lot more.

The reasons behind them being a foe to a celebrity is the fact that they push so hard they can be dangerous to the person they are following. This is the prime reason that celebrities sometimes get so scared that they act mean and even embarrass themselves publicly. But the truth in this matter is that no one can deny our society is celebrity-obsessed. Celebrity gossip is a guilty pleasure for many. It is our society that is turning money-hungry photographers into stalkers. People think its okay to make money at the expense of others’ safety.

But who is the real culprit here? Is it the paparazzi or the public who is obsessed with celebrity gossip? This much despised Media is just an extension and manifestation of the Public’s lust for entertainment and its obsessive curiosity of famous celebrities and their lifestyles.

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