Essay on “Mother Teresa” for School, College Students, 300 Words Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was the saint of the 20th century. She was the very image of God on the earth. She was born on 26th August in 1910. Her early name was Anges. Her family belonged to the Albanian community. As a little girl, she began to understand the meaning of the preaching’s of the Gospel. Her mother’s influence moulded her into a caring human being, a keen desire to spend her life in doing God’s work. She prayed a lot and talked about it to her mother.

In 1928, she left for Dublin where the mother house of the Lorete sisters was located. Here Agnes learnt to speak English and was trained for religious life. In 1928, Sister Teresa left for India to begin a new life. She dedicated herself to the care of the sick and the needy in a small hospital. Later she was trained as a teacher; she not only tried to teach but also began to know the children’s personalities but also their families

At the age of 38, she took the vows of poverty, purity and obedience. She took to wearing a cheap cotton sari with a blue border. She went to Patna to train herself as a nurse and then came back to Kolkata. Soon she became a common figure in the slums and the streets of Kolkata. With continuous work her community grew. Sister Teresa started thinking about starting a congregation. On 7th October, 1950 the constitution of the Society of the Missionaries of Charity came into being. After five years more and more sisters joined and devoted their lives to the sick and the poor.

While the society grew, the Mother’s work also kept increasing. Her work among the lepers of India gave her international fame. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. On 5th September 1997, Mother Teresa died of heart attack. Her death was deeply mourned over the world. Her absence will be greatly felt although she w continues to live in our memory.

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