Essay on “My Ambition in Life” for School, College Students, 300 Words Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

My Ambition in Life

Aim gives purpose and direction to life. Without aim life is like a boat without an oar. Nothing good and great can be achieved without aim. A man without aim becomes a creature of circumstances. He goes astray in life. His life ends in a fiasco. Therefore a man must have some definite goal in life.

If it is essential to have an aim in life. It is equally essential that the aim should be a right one. A wrong aim ruins a man. All his efforts go waste. His time and energy prove fruitless. A man must set an aim before him right in his early life. The choice of an aim depends on the taste and inclination of a person. However one can seek the advice of wise persons in this matter.

Different people have different aims. Some want to become businessmen. They believe that businessmen have plenty of everything. Their life is one of ease and pleasure. Others want to be doctors or engineers. Such people think that by becoming a doctor or an engineer, they can win name and fame in the society. Still others aspire to become L.A.S. or P.C.S. officers. They want to enjoy power and authority. But I don’t wish to become any of them.

I have decided to become a teacher. A teacher is a nation-builder His job is a missionary job. My aim shall not be to make money. I shall give free coaching to poor students. I shall infuse the spirit of duty and discipline in them. I shall act as their guide, friend and guardian. I shall set before them high ideals for their guidance. I pray to God to help me to achieve my goal.

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