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The Film I Liked Most

Films are a cheap means of entertainment. They break the dullness of our daily life. They help us to forget the worries of life for a few hours. Whenever some new film comes, there is a heavy rush of the people in front of a cinema hall. I am not crazy after films. But whenever there is some good movie, I love to watch it at any cost.

Last week I chanced to see “Baiju Bawra.’ It is a classic movie of past years. Its story dates back to the period of Mughal king, Akbar. A classical singer named Tansen was his court musician. He was known as a top-class musician. There was no match for him. The story of the film describes how Baiju, a less known singer, defeated Tansen in a music competition.

The setting of the story is very fine. Bharat Bhushan and Meena Kumari are the key-characters. Bharat Bhushan plays the part of Baiju. Meena Kumari is Gauri in the film. Baiju and Guari are in love. Baiju’s love for Gauri inspires Baiju to achieve perfection in classical music. It finally helps him to defeat Tansen in a music competition. Tansen accepts Baiju’s superiority in music. However, Baiju is humble enough to uphold Tansen’s prestige.

The film has a number of classical songs. There are also songs sung by Lata and Rafi. These songs are full of melody. They transport listener to a world of romance and beauty. These songs are still sung and enjoyed. I liked the film very much. It reminded me of those days when films were made for pure enjoyment. The film did not have any vulgar scene. It was a piece of art for the sake of art. I was thoroughly delighted to see this film.

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