Essay, Paragraph on “A Bird in The Hand is Worth Two in The Bush” for School-College Students 300 Words Essay, for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

A Bird in The Hand is Worth Two in The Bush

When we were in fifth grade we got caught stealing mangoes. Needless to say we got caught because we got greedy. It was my first brush with ‘the bird in hand is worth two in the bush’.

It is better to be content with what you have than to risk losing everything to try to get something you don’t. Sometimes the glitter is so bright we get swayed and choose to go after something which we find later on was just that- some gold dust. My friend Ryan had a crush on Sabine-the prettiest girl in school, but she wouldn’t even look in his direction. Eventually he began to date this girl called Rebbecca who really liked him a lot. One day he was at a party dancing with Rebbecca when he saw Sabine looking at him. Twice their eyes met and Ryan was overjoyed and began to hope he had a chance with the girl who had only been rude to him through the year. He stood Rebbecca up to go ‘and ask Sabine for a dance. it turned out that Sabine had just wanted to use him to make her boyfriend jealous: That night Ryan lost Rebbecca: his proverbial ‘bird in the hand’ because he went after Sabine the proverbial: ‘bird in the bush’.

So before venturing in to the proverbial bush one needs to really evaluate the worth of what one already has. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence but that’s what it is – on the other side. So be content with what you have and learn to appreciate and value it.

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