Essay, Paragraph on “Being Elected Head-Girl of School” for School-College Students 300 Words Essay, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board

Being Elected Head-Girl of School

The head-girl was chosen from Grade X. I was one of the candidates and the anticipation was killing me as the professors counted the votes. I had dreamed about being head-girl for most of high school. I knew as early as third grade that I was born to lead. I had been class monitor each year and though I had not designed it that way I knew it had been in preparation of the actual role I had always wanted to play -“Head-girl!”

When the Principal called out my name I smiled my warmest smile and walked over to her. My back was straight and my head, held high. It was the moment that I had been waiting for all my life. As the Principal placed the sash over my shoulders, and pinned the “Head-girl” badge on to my uniform, tears filled my eyes. I folded my hands and asked for the Principal’s blessings and waved to all my schoolmates and professors who had chosen me to play this role.

As the band played the music, I took the microphone and said my pledge. I knew it by heart and as I recited it, tears began to flow down my cheeks. This was the moment that I had been waiting for all my school life. I pledged to honor all the traditions of the school and lead my schoolmates in a just and sincere way. The whole school applauded clapped and I fingered mybadge and whispered under my breath,” This one’s for you mom, its the first step, one day I will be the Prime Minister, too!”

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