Essay, Paragraph on “I Met a Martian” for School-College Students, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Exams

I Met a Martian

One day I sat on my bed looking at the planet Mars through my telescope. Suddenly, Mars began to emanate a strong red light. It seemed as if the light was focusing on me. My entire room was filled with the red light.

A little spaceship stopped by my window and toppled my telescope. In sci-fi fashion out walked a Martian. He wore a red metallic suit. I put my hand forward and introduced myself as Andrew. The Martian continued to stare at me and then suddenly he pointed toward the wall. There was a message on the wall that said, “Would you like to visit Mars?” I couldn’t believe my luck. I nodded my head and the Martian lifted me like a feather in his arms and placed me inside his space ship.

Once inside they began to bind me with some invisible thread. I began to feel scared and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t break free. I pleaded with the Martian to let me go but he laughed and threw his drink at my face. I blinked and to my surprise there was no Martian, just my mother splashing water on my face.

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