Essay, Paragraph on “Respecting Elders” for School-College Students, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Exams

Respecting Elders

The queue and disrespectful suyog

A lesson learnt

Suyogsaw that the last payment queue in the mall was the shortest and made a beeline for it. When he reached the queue he realized that an elderly gentleman had raced him to it. Suyog pretended not to notice the elderly gentleman’s cart, and pushed his own cart ahead. The gentleman put a hand on his shoulder and said to him, “Son, there is a queue; you need to stand behind me”. Suyog turned and disrespectfully said, “Uncle my friends are waiting for me, I’m in a hurry” and stood where he was. The gentleman didn’t say anything.

The next day accompanied by his parents Suyog visited a new school. When they entered the Principal’s office Suyog was shocked to find that the Principal was none other than the elderly Gentleman, he had been rude to in the mall. Suyog was very ashamed of himself and he vowed never to be rude to elders again.

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