Essay, Paragraph on “Should Students Travel Abroad For Education?” for School-College Students 300 Words Essay, Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Should Students Travel Abroad For Education?

When you go abroad to study, you don’t just get yourself a degree, you get yourself an education in real life. On your own, fending for yourself, with no mom to cook for you, or Dad to take care of your bills, you learn fast to stand on your two feet.

Studying abroad has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a great way of building interpersonal skills. Studying in a different country will require you to befriend and interact with strangers who are quite different from you. You have the opportunity to study courses that are not taught back home besides getting a different cultural perspective on the subjects you have been studying back home. An international education makes great resume material as employers value the interpersonal skills and broad perspective that one acquires at foreign universities. The downside is that not everybody can take the cultural shock. For some, studying in a new place, having to be independent, leaving loved ones, eating different food can be a traumatic experience. Traveling abroad to study is not for the weak hearted or for those who are dependent on others.

Meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, can only expand one’s horizons. While getting out of your comfort zone may not always be a good experience, there is no better way of challenging yourself and finding out how you will cope when the odds are stacked up against you than exposing yourself to a new place.

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