Essay, Paragraph on “The Dog Show” for School-College Students, Essay, Paragraph for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Exams

The Dog Show

  • Going to a Dog show.
  • Our dog.
  • The competition.

Our dog Max is a Golden Retriever and we have never entered him in an official competition. Dad thought it would be a good idea to see a dog show before actually participating. So we went to the competition organized by KCI in Mumbai.

Brinda ground was crowded. Everywhere we looked there were well groomed dogs and bitches. The best part, however, was that all of them were so disciplined. The only one sniffing around was Max; he wanted to play with every dog he saw.

The dogs with their owners stood in a line to go around the circle. The owners would give commands and the dogs would accordingly walk, sit, circle and fetch. We saw breeds that we had never seen before; Great Danes, Labradors, Mastiffs, St. Bernard’s, bull dogs, greyhounds. There were prizes for best groomed dog, most well-dressed dog and of course the much coveted champion of champions dog award that goes out to the best dog overall.

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