General Knowledge Question “What is The Colour of Sea Water?” with Answer, General Knowledge for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class Examination.

What is The Colour of Sea Water?

Sea water looks beautiful and blue when the sea is calm. The surf looks white near the rocks and beaches. But actually the sea water, like any other water, is colourless. When light falls on the sea, the surface of the sea absorbs all except the blue rays of the sun. These rays I are reflected by the water, and make the ocean look blue to our eyes.

Man has given strange names to different seas – Black Sea, Yellow Sea, Red Sea, and White Sea. But they are all blue to look at, just like all other seas.

Minerals, living organisms and other things present in water make the colour of water look slightly different at different places. But they are mostly different shades of blue.

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