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Top Best Gaming Websites “Acid-Play” for free downloading, Play and etc.




Acid-Play back started in 2002 as a place to share freeware games. We wanted to make it easy for people to find fun, free games.

Our active community of both staff and user reviewers have built Acid-Play into a mammoth collection of over 1000 freeware games. All with ratings, reviews and downloads. So there’s something for everyone.

We used systems like search, ratings and recommendations to build a site that will help you find and download the perfect game, in less than a minute.

You can download most freeware games directly from our download servers. We’ve scanned these downloads using ClamAV, so they’re safe, secure and fast.

Right now we’re going through a rebuilding phase. We’re looking for moderators, reviewers and developers to help grow Acid-Play into the largest collection of freeware games.

visit site:-http://acid-play.com/

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