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Game Jolt is run by me, David DeCarmine, and Yaprak DeCarmine, plus the help of the millions of indie developers and gamers on Game Jolt. Together, our mission is to grow indie gaming!

In 2002, at the age of 14, I came up with the idea of a platform for indies—for hobbyists that were creating games for the love of it. Something more personal, more collaborative, and more indie. Where anyone can create a game, show it off, and build an audience. It was kind of crazy. This was way before the existence of current platforms, and before indie gaming became as big as it has.

Game Jolt has come a long way since then. After I revamped the site in 2008 it became one of the biggest indie gaming platforms in existence. Today, millions of gamers, let’s players, and indie developers visit Game Jolt each month to get their indie gaming fix, and to explore over 100,000 games.

I believe there’s power in community. Gamers, let’s players, developers, reviewers, journalists: let’s grow this amazing and weird thing that is indie gaming, and celebrate making games for the love of it.

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