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Gmatclub Educational Websites

Gmatclub Educational Websites

Every year, brilliant minds of business school applicants develop strategies, research school information, and master interviews, only for the same process to be repeated the following year by the new applicant pool. In 2002, GMAT Club was formed to help preserve the collective knowledge of MBA students – to contribute to each other’s learning. Through information sharing and the development of new resources, it is our goal to improve the Business School application process.

Home to thousands of members, GMAT Club relies on these individuals for its day-to-day operations:

Global Moderators – these volunteers are an integral part of GMAT Club. Global Moderators are distinguished members and their role is to help new members with questions, organize posts, and develop GMAT Club’s resources. Members of this group are highlighted in green.

Board of Directors – is a special group of dedicated members who assist administrators and provide direction for the GMAT Club. Almost every member in this group is currently in bschool. Members of this group are highlighted in blue.

Administrators – run, manage, fix (sometimes break and then fix), update and perform various day-to-day operational tasks in the forum. Members of this group are highlighted in red.

Current Students – these are students currently in business school. They provide valuable information and opinions based on their personal experience during the business school application process and also insider knowledge about MBA programs, internships, and business school life. Members of this group are highlighted in orange.

Alumni – these are GMAT Club members who have already graduated from Business School and who have been with GMAT Club through their GMAT, MBA Admissions, MBA journeys. They are some of the most knowledgeable experts and have the advantage of hindsight. They frequent the site offering insights in all forums but mostly congregate in the MBA and Career forums. Members of this group are highlighted in light blue.

GMAT Experts – professional GMAT instructors offering free help and advice to GMAT Club members. Usernames of experts will be highlighted in black.

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