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MBA Crystal Ball

MBA Crystal Ball Educational Website

MBA Crystal Ball Educational Website

Creating a Knowledge Portal and Providing World-Class Services, the Indian Way
For several years, the MBA admissions consulting industry has been thriving in the US, the primary market for the MBA degree. In India, most applicants have conventionally preferred managing the entire application process on their own or at best reaching out to family and friends to review their application strategies. However, going by the experiences of MBA Crystal Ball, this approach seems to be changing fast as an increasing number of high-potential MBA applicants from India are reaching out to get professional help if it can help improve their admission chances to their dream schools.

When Sameer Kamat (Cambridge MBA graduate and the founder of MBA Crystal Ball) was working on his MBA application, he thought it was unfair that Indian MBA applicants, despite the potential, were not able to approach the extremely competitive international MBA admissions in the right manner, while others who were earning in Dollars, Pounds and Euros could engage international MBA admissions consulting firms and strengthen their application further. That prompted him to launch the initiative, MBA Crystal Ball, to make it a level playing field for people who work with us.

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