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It’s not ironic that IDEA’s 30-year history so closely parallels the trajectory of the modern fitness industry—the two have literally “grown up” together. IDEA has been a consistent, guiding force in health and fitness since 1982 and continues to lead the way on many fronts as the industry matures.

We have always tried to evolve by anticipating the needs of fitness professionals in their educational and career pursuits. The one constant that time will not change at IDEA is our mandate to develop and package the most credible and useful continuing education to advance the careers of all fitness pros, no matter what their specialty. From the start in 1982 to today, providing the industry’s best professional tools and resources has been the ultimate goal. The result is safe, smart training for people who purchase fitness services as well as professionals who have very high job satisfaction and longevity in their careers.

Like many start-up organizations, our beginnings were humble. We began with the IDEA Letter, which was sent to a membership of 300. Later, the IDEA Foundation (now the American Council on Exercise, or ACE) was founded to offer the industry’s first certification. Soon after, IDEA introduced the industry’s first Code of Ethics and the first awards to recognize professional excellence in the fitness field.

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