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Indian Health Organisation

Indian Health Organisation Health Website

Indian Health Organisation Health Website

Indian Health Organisation (IHO) is one of India’s leading health care benefits company enabling people to effectively manage their health and lead a happy life. With an aim to make quality health care affordable and accessible, IHO discounted prepaid health packages provide access to quality preventive and health solutions. With high level of service standards, our highly qualified medical network offers standardized and transparent concessional rates across hospitals, diagnostic centers, nursing homes, pharmacies, home care providers and clinics.

IHO is a part of Aetna, a Fortune 100 company in the United States. Aetna is currently serving an estimated 46.5 million people with information and resources to help them make better-informed decisions about their health. With 160 years of experience, Aetna also offers customized technological and health management solutions for healthcare systems, government entities and large employers to improve public health, enhance quality of care and contain costs.

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