Top Social Media app Tapatalk for upload fun pictures to your favorite forums

Tapatalk – 200,000+ Forums

Tapatalk is home to more than 200,000 online forums worldwide. At Tapatalk, you’ll be talking to such thinkers who will get a chance to have meaningful conversations on topics you are interested in. You have to wait until you get home to upload fun pictures to your favorite forums. Instant push notifications will never allow you to leave any topic updated.

Tapatalk is Free. Sign up to VIP to remove ads for $.99/month.



The Tapatalk is absolutely free, but to support us, you can also purchase VIP status which will allow you to see Tapatalk advertisements. VIP status is US $ 0.99 per month subscription, and unless you cancel, you will automatically renew. If you are interested in buying VIP status, then go to Settings>, and go to Advanced Options to subscribe.

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