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We are Media Music Now, a UK company provides curated royalty free music, sound effects, voice-over and audio production services to customers worldwide.



Founded in 2005, Media Music Now founder Lee Richard and Adam Barber work in the daily business, so if you need help, it may be from Adam or Lee.

We work with an international team of publishers, musicians, voice overs and audio producers to bring high quality audio content for your media projects.

We are more than just a website. We are a team of creative people who we are passionate about, the content that we provide and the customer support we provide.

Over the years, working with hundreds of musicians and voice-overs, we have made many changes in the industry and are always developing to keep up.

Recently we added a select publication and distribution hand for business. This project is known as Beanstock Audio and we are actively working with many musicians to create additional library of music available on Media Music Music and many other websites. Works include special, semi-exclusive music deals for collaborators, work-for-rent projects, musicians and publishers.

To date, our artists include: –

Lee Prichard
Chris calum
Mick park

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