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National-anthems Site is dedicated to national songs in MP3s of countries and regions. All the files here are in MP3 format, you can find the mp3 songs of the University of Tokyo, and in brief information about countries and areas here to download national songs. Links to anthms in mp3, real and in Windows Media are on pages for each country. The countries are in alphabetical order on 14 pages. And on pages divided by continents. There is a special page for every easy browsing. To download anthms mp3 files you need to enter the printed number on the page. Since 2003.09.27, I canceled the mailing list and registration due to a global problem with spam mail, all the files are available without password. is dedicated to streaming site files, you want to listen to anthms before downloading a huge MP3 file of downloading national anthms. There are only actual audio and files in Windows Media formats at The files are in alphabetical order and in the continent. There will soon be 5 famous operas next to Anthms MP3.

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