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Necro was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Glenwood Housing Projects and has been living in Brooklyn since then, only going to other places on tour. The project was a big place for young necroes, who was literally playing in drama with someone. Similarly, in Brooklyn, in the early 80’s, it was growing in particular with the Decepticon gang in your projects. It was worse by having white life in projects, and by this all the affluent white children of the surrounding areas were watching you, so the neco was fighting with everyone, it seemed that everyone had a problem again.



Born in a Jewish family, he is the son of two Israeli migrants with ancestors from Israel and Romania. Necro’s father is a Romanian-born Israeli soldier and his mother is a conservative child. When his parents divorced at the age of 2, and were constantly in the throats of each other, the young Ron was seeing repeatedly, so that he felt that he was very confused in his life at this time. had to happen.

His first introduction to music was a mix of styles coming from his mother, father, and uncle. Necro’s mother was exploding in the Donna Summer house while dancing to all discos of the 70’s, while her father was in Israeli music like Chime Moses and was heavily in a country like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, and will play the car every time. Once a week, Burger will pick up young Ron for King Trip, father and son bondage. His uncle Chanan RIP, which was deeply rooted in the 60 acid rock like zombies and animals, also gave Necro a huge impact on giving his first guitar, an acoustic oven, who started falling in love with Neco at the age of 9. Gave up and started rigorous rigid wire. At this time (6 to 8 years old) was listening to non-stop to Ron Hall and Oats (young Ron had the desire that Daryl Hall had his father in fantasy while listening to his songs) religiously with Billy Joel and Elton John The main impact that was in the children’s feet, but things were going to change because the metal and the hippop would come to Necro’s life as it was becoming popular in music and often seen on TV Was.

After that, he started his premiere music career in 11, which was playing in the death metal / thrash band, Intriguez. There was a lot to accept in this band, which was passed by her brother Bill, because all members were 4 to 6 years old, and they did not really want Ron around, they were seen as nuisance Was there. This inspired the youth to practice such a hard task that they became so influential on the guitar that they had to join the band. Not only could he play technical rap which he wrote better than anyone else in the band, but he was writing some of his crazy rivals, and made him an innovation with long hair with his ass at the age of 11 Granted, playing a yellow BC is the rich warlock. Wherever they played, people would be shocked that this little kid was on stage and that young Roni was excited to get out in the world who felt so young.

They made a transition from Heavy Metal to Hippopop, depending on the fact that despite having a very respected demo tape, they could not sign the Metal record label, after all these years, the old school had the status of cult since the head of metal Received respect. One of Necro’s memorable moments is receiving a rejection letter from Roadrunner Records, which hurts deeply because some of the band Necro’s worship was signed on that label, but it did not happen, and the band members were different While he and his brother began to focus full-time on the Hippopp

In 1988, he started daily rapping after being impressed by his elder brother, rapper Ill Bill. The goal of the wrapping was to earn respect, to get girls, but also because the love of the concept of writing a poem of nanoco, which was saying things and crazy things, then it looked good on a green, which He will start to develop the production Style by making loop tape from the old vinyl found in project garbage compartment.

Necro received his stage name from Slayer song “Necrophobic”, in which for the first time it was “Necrophilic”, because he wanted a crazy name on Earth, when people heard it when people were shocked. People called them to reduce “necro”, and they realized that this was more meaning in the form of pre-fix, they actually pushed the necro as their name and brand, from 70 to the old After seeing the font, its logo was made by hand. Dustied Vinyl Records They did not know that people all over the world pay tribute to their names and tattoos to their original creations.

Earlier, he called himself “Mad Moonny”, which was a character from Clive Barker’s book. He made his first demo in 1990 and won a demo war competition on Stretch Armstrong and Bobito Show, which was called “Check Out the Demo” on WCCR-FM, in which his brothers were involved. One part of winning this competition was being allowed to show the rap, but for some weird reasons, why did Bobito not come after winning the competition, the Necro was giving excuses? Without permission of Bobito It will take 4 more years and infiltrate into the show (Rapper Fatal did not bring Necro anything to her with surprise, and Bob could not do anything about it), before he went to the show where he had his great freestyle, “Necropiliac, nineteenth nineteen gore!”, Which he had performed in the metal voice of death, before turning it into his regular voice in ’95 for the rest of his career. Necro felt that this vocal style was very less for the people, and it was decided to have crazy stuff. In approximately 1993, Necro began full-time raping and made a demo called “Do the Charles Manson”. During the stages of his career at the beginning, he will travel by train to Newark, New Jersey, and work with an engineer named Beviz. The deal was that Necro would bring all his records, and sometimes bass guitar and B-vis would be session engineer for them, because Necro did not know how to do it so far. B-Vis will do this work on the ecological EPS, and the Neckro will charge $ 50 for each track with the Necro Recording Vocals in their studio on these songs. Eventually, Necro bought his own Ansonic EPS and started beating and recording on 4 tracks to create demos such as “Garbage Bag and Butcher Knife” in the 49 tracks. In 1995, they began to rap at Wildman Steve and DJ Ridge Show WBU 90.3. FM, as well as any other radio station that will leave it at that time. Necr o and sprawling unknowable verses (at that time called Freestyle) in their homes, and these attendees started earning a cult after young NYC / East coast region to young rapper. From the earliest stages, Necro was making its own beating conceptually, looking for excavators and vinyl digs, then played live bass on the track, but until it was not owned by the Encyclopedia EPS itself, and finally Has an ASR-10 that will actually deliver its character in a terrific beat style. All were the first beating drums of necroes, which were lost in specimens of horror film and with metal deformed basslines. Necro was not too savy with instruments, so some of his telegrams were making the reaction and they did not realize until a friend named DJ Sijahands did not help him, and he was able to clean a little voice. This time, Neckro was heavily influenced by Beat manufacturers like ’95 / ’96, DJ premiere, Large Pro and Pet Rock. One of Necro’s love stories was how the primo drum was bitten, and it was more correct than anyone else, because the necro was mainly beats now and Necro had not yet mastered the art of drumming . One of the moments defined for the necro was when Homi DJ Ridge took it to know how to cut a beet to take it to his friend G-Clif’s house, and G-Cliff showed Necro how to cut the brake beet , “Impact the President”. Necro was encouraged and went home to practice the art of breaking a beat, which was easy after swinging it. One of the first beats of the Necro’s first heartbeat made with a sliced ​​drumkit was “No Pen” for non-fiction, in which a sample of “Blood Chucking Freaks” was included in the film. Necro had received Michael Saul RIP’s real movie soundtrack reels from the composer, and he was transferred to the cassette tape so that he could give a musical sample for his beat. On the track, “No Kloom” you can hear that the Necro hits extra snap that Pete Rock was so popular at the time. Once he knew that the drum was the method of cutting, then what could be its style, there was no limit to it being influenced by several green makers, but one thing Necro had different sampling things, No one else knows how to worry, and to do this with perfection, is played with the original baseline because he knew how to play guitar and bass. Necro’s goal was to ever copy somebody’s style and to be super-fanatic, so when he was impressed with many people, his voice was his cruel voice and it started earning him a lot of respect, not only with him 50% of all non-fiction beats, but Cage’s mythological debut was 12 “,” Agent Orange and Radiohead “who became their most popular songs even after 20+ years.

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