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The Open Music Archive is located within the current discourse around the ideas of accounting, ownership and distribution, which has been reunited with the porting of Free / Liberty and Open Source Software models for broad creative contexts. The Open Music Archive concerns itself with public domain and creative work, which is not owned by any person and is organized solely by society.

Under copyright law, a music recording consists of two automatically assigned property rights: In a music structure a property is correct and there is a separate and independent property in the recording. These property rights are limited to the word. In the UK, the period of copyright in literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work is limited to the life of the author for up to 70 years, while the period of copyright in sound recording is limited to 50 years from the date of recording. Attempts to collect the recording and information about the archive recording, whose proprietary interest has been exhausted and made accessible to the wider public.

Artist Ben White and Ellen Simpson have started this project after a series of projects that include research and gathering of music that has been out of copyright. Most of this music, though legally in public domain, are bound to physical media (for example, the Gramophone record) and have been closed in archives or private collections which are not widely accessible. The goal of the Open Music Archive is to digitize as much music as possible to free the obstacles of physical collection.

The purpose of the project is to share existing resources and to create a large collection in open collaboration with others. The aim of the collection is to distribute this music independently, to create a website of knowledge and content exchange, and to become a vehicle for future collaborations and distributed projects.

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