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Welcome to Sound On Sound, the world’s premier audio recording technology magazine.



Based in Cambridge, England and independently-owned, we’ve been delivering our quality monthly print magazine since 1985. This web site houses our continually-expanding archive of highly informative articles that chart the impact of technology on the music production and recording processes.

Sound On Sound is recognised internationally as the ‘bible’ of the music recording industry.

Every month our UK and USA editions deliver consistently more pages than any competing title, packed full of in-depth product tests of Recording Systems, Music Software: DAWs, Virtual Instruments, Plug-ins, Audio Interfaces, Synthesizers, Keyboards & Rack Modules, Music Computers, Samplers, Effects & Outboard Processors, Mixing Consoles,and not forgetting studio essentials like Microphones and Monitors, plus the most insightful Musician/ Mix Engineer/ Record Producer interviews you’ll read anywhere. Our regular Tutorials and practical ‘how to’ Workshops offer no-nonsense advice, to help you gain the most from your studio tools — whatever your level of expertise.

Sound On Sound has consistently remained at the forefront of music recording technology since it was launched in 1985, by the visionary SOS Publications Group on the UK’s top Channel 4 TV music show, The Tube. For 33+ years, we’ve been championing the convergence of software, MIDI, computer technology and recording equipment that continues to revolutionise the audio production industry today.

With undoubtedly the most experienced editorial team to grace any music magazine’s staff list, our editorial integrity and professional reputation are highly-prized and internationally respected by both our readers and advertisers alike.

So browse our award-winning web site, search our extensive archive of past articles (from present day back to January 2002, with more past issues being added as fast as we can) or swap helpful hints/tips and chew the fat with fellow recording enthusiasts and experts in the ever-popular SOS Forum. Then you will discover why Sound On Sound remains the “yardstick by which all other music recording magazines are measured”.

For early SOS issues published between 1985 and 1994, which are not yet on our web site, please visit Mu:zines the Music Magazine Archive.
Never seen a copy of the Print magazine? In July 2018, SOS introduced a downloadable FULL ISSUE PDF for anyone, anywhere in the world, who wants quick and convenient offline access to a full replica magazine complete with all adverts.

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