What are The Hybrid Plants?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What are The Hybrid Plants?

At the outset, we must understand the exact meaning of Hybrid. A hybrid is a crossbreed of a plant of animal meaning thereby it is the result of the union of the male of one spices, race etc. with the female of another.

This phenomenon can take place either by nature or among people in the absence of any deliberate plan. But, in the case of plants this act is generally done deliberately for multipurpose.

One of the best examples of the advantages of hybrid plants is the case of corn. Long back, particularly in U.S.A. farmers used to take extraordinary precaution with regard to the selection of seed ears well in advance for the next year’s crop. As a result of constant selection many varieties and strains of corn came to limelight. These were selected mainly because of their suitability in respect of different kinds of soils and climates.

Sometimes in 1905, Botanists adopted a new method for producing various kinds of corn. It was observed that at the time when the plant was self-pollinated i.e. the pollen in the tassels was applied by hand to the silks on the ear of the same plant-Different variety of corn plants were seen. By adopting this process time and again and saving only the best plants for seed strains “inbred lines” were established.

There inbred lines generally had certain special features, but in fact these were lower in yield. On the other hand, when inbred lines were cross-pollinated, the kernels thus formed generally had the tendency to give rise to productive hybrid plants.

As a matter of fact, these hybrid plants were very good. Such plants were superior as far as resistance of disease was concerned and proved very productive. Hence, by purifying or sorting out the most desirable character of the old varieties well in advance and thereafter recombining these together, comparatively superior types of corn could be produced. This sort of process of producing hybrids had excellent results in the case of other plants as well.

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