What is Atmospheric Pollution?, English General Knowledge Essay, Paragraph and Speech for class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Class, Competitive Exam.

What is Atmospheric Pollution?

If you walk or drive on a crowded road of a big city like Delhi or Bombay, you would feel that the air you are breathing smells awful and your eyes also feel uncomfortable. The reason is that the air in such areas is highly polluted.

Pollution in general means the presence of harmful matter in the environment – air, water and land. Industries, motor vehicles, and the way of life in big cities are the main sources of pollution. Waste materials from human activities are today polluting not only the land and water but are damaging even the atmospheric layers that are so precious for all living things on the planet earth. Pollution today has become a serious worldwide problem and scientists and scholars are worried about the future of the environment.

If you see the plants and trees near a busy road carefully, you will find them covered with a film of black, oily dust. The same dirt is in the air that surround us and which we are breathing. Pollution not only damages plants and trees, it also harms animals and interferes with the normal cycles in nature. It disturbs the balance of gases present in the atmosphere. Factories and other industries produce continuous smoke which spreads and stays in the atmosphere. Modern vehicles produce gases which produce smog – a mixture of smoke and fog – specially in cold climate. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulphur dioxide are poisonous gases which are the deadly gifts of modem civilization to us. To save the health and life of all living things on the earth, it is essential to reduce pollution of every kind and every human being must participate in this.

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